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Nishikigoi is known as "living jewels" and "king of ornamental fish." It is also loved and appreciated by the name of "Koi" all over the world, where hobbyists are fascinated by its colorful elegance. It is our pleasure to serve Nishikigoi and Koi supplies from Japan to Koi hobbyists around the world.
Koi Mart Japan does have Nishikigoi from more than 50 famous Japanese Nishikigoi breeders throughout Japan.
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Attention: As a principle, we only sell fishes on wholesale
to Koi farms. If you wish to buy Koi from Koi-mart please
ask your local Koi farms to act as an intermediate.
In order to achieve outstanding results raising Nishikigo the right Koi Supplies are needed. Have a look at our shop for an exclusive choice of it.

Over 1000 different pieces of Koi Supplies!
Apart from the products shown on this site we have over 1000 other pieces of Koi Supplies. If you
are interested,

We at Koi Mart Japan are getting our Nishikigoi from the Narita Koi Farms (Aichi, Japan), who has won many prestigious prizes, including the one from the Ministry for Internal Affairs.

The Narita Koi Farm, founded in 1971, is known for its accuracy and quality. With a usual stock of 30,000 fishes, its annual sales rise up to 300,000 fishes.

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